WiFi Master Key for PC Free – Windows 10, 7, XP – Mac

Those who want to download the WiFi Master Key for PC, they should follow the instructions provided below. WiFi Master Key is designed for Android devices and there is no PC version available. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot install WiFi Master Key on your PC or Mac. There are a number of Android Emulators which allows you to download Android apps on your PC.

WiFi Master Key for PC

Now before I move on to the installation method, Let me give you an overview of the WiFi Master Key. Those who already know what WiFi Master Key does, they can skip this part and move on to the installation process.

What is WiFi Master Key?

The core function of the WiFi Master Key is to provide you the free WI-FI hotspots available in your area. Not only this, but you can also use the WiFi Master Key to share your WiFi network with others without giving your password. WiFi Master Key is secure and encrypted, which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

The interface of the Wi-Fi Master Key is user-friendly and it comes with more than 19 different languages. If you are among those who travel a lot, this app will come handy. Moreover, not only when you travel, it can easily work in hotels, workspaces, open WiFi zones, malls and more. But if you want to install the WiFi Master Key on PC to tap into your office network.

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You will require an Android Emulator first. After that, you will be able to install the WiFi Master Key on your computer in an office. In this post, I am using Bluestacks emulator and good thing is, it’s available for both Windows & Mac.

Now you will be wondering why we need Bluestacks. Well keep reading and you will learn why BlueStacks is important to install Android apps on a Pc.

How to Provide an Android environment on a PC?

As I said earlier the WiFi Master Key is not designed for PC and that means you cannot install on a PC or Mac. But If we can provide an Android environment to PicsArt on our PC or Mac. Then we can install WiFi Master Key on a computer, desktop, & laptop.

Now comes the question, how can we provide the Android environment on a PC? Well, this is where BlueStacks comes in. BlueStacks is a third-party Android Emulator that is designed to provide a comfortable Andorid environment on a PC.

So now you know why BlueStacks is important, not only it provides a perfect Android environment on a PC. It also provides the latest Android experience on a PC. All the other Emulators are always left behind when it comes to running the latest Android version on a PC. That sums up everything, in order to install WiFi Master Key for PC, you will need Bluestacks.

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Download and Install BlueStacks on Windows 10 & Mac:

First, we need to install BlueStacks on our PC. Then we can proceed with the installation of PicsArt. Use the following link to download the BlueStacks on a Mac or Windows PC. Also, in this link, the installation method is provided so you can follow the instructions to install Bluestacks.

WiFi Master Key for PC Free:

  1. Once you have installed BlueStacks on your PC. Then installing WiFi Master Key on a PC won’t be a big deal. Launch the BlueStacks either on Windows PC or Mac. It may take time depending on your PC hardware. One BlueStacks is launched you will see the BlueStacks App store.
  2. Now you need to look for the search box, you will be able to find it on the top left side of the screen. Also, you can go to My Apps Tab, there you will find the Google Play Store icon.
  3. If you want to go with the search bar, type in WiFi Master Key and hit enter. A pop-up will open, click on the install button to proceed. However, if you want to go with the Google Play option, click on the Google Play icon. Now do the same process you do on your Android device to install an app using Google Play.
  4. After the downloading and installing process is completed, you will see the WiFi Master Key icon in your My Apps tab. Moreover, if you are using BlueStacks on your Windows, you will see a desktop shortcut of the Wifi Master Key on your desktop.

That’s all. This is how you can install Wifi Master Key for PC using Bluestacks. If you have any questions use the comments section below to ask.


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