How To Download VPN Magic for PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

Nowadays we surf the web a lot but sometimes we saw that website we want to open is restricted to view in your country. This site can’t be reached this is the normal message you see when you open a restricted website. Now there are several kinds of websites around the world in some countries some content is allowed but in some countries, it’s restricted. For example, porn websites are banned in a few countries but it’s legal in a few countries. Now to open a restricted website you need a VPN application on your device PC or smartphone. VPN is also used to hide your web history in other words with a VPN application you can surf the web safe and sound. VPN stands for a virtual private network with this app you will be moved out virtually to any other country and you can access restricted websites easily.


This VPN Magic app will provide you a virtual network free of cost and this app has unlimited bandwidth so no worries of being stay online for long. This app also gives you better internet speed when you surf big and heavy websites. This app when on will hide your IP address and it will encrypt all your internet traffic so you are safe from surveillance and hackers on the web. With this app, you can access all blocked websites on the web, this app has servers all over the world so you can access all the restricted content on the web without any hassle. Your data is not safe on the web as hackers are always up to sneak in and steal important information but with this app, you are safe because this app will hide all your personal information and it also hides your IP address so sneaking in and stealing won’t happen. This app is easy to use just open the app and click on connect after a few seconds your connection will be secured and you can access all the favorite content you like. Everything is good about this app as this a free app you will see adds while you use this app which a bit annoying.

VPN Magic for PC

VPN Magic for Android users :

VPN Magic

How to use VPN Magic app on your PC:


To use the VPN magic app on your PC, you need an emulator app because the VPN Magic app is not yet available for PC directly. Emulators apps are the interface you need to use android or apple apps on your PC. You need to download an emulator and install it after that easy and user-friendly app controls let you use any app you need or like on your PC. There are several kinds of emulators app available on the net for you but the most popular and most used emulator app is BlueStacks. Bluestacks is available for both Windows and Mac. Links are given below for your ease download one of the versions you need and enjoy the best emulator app on your PC.

Bluestacks For Windows.

BlueStacks For Mac.


  • Ok, let’s get to the procedure you need to follow to download and install an emulator app and then VPN Magic app on your PC.
  • The first thing first downloads the emulator app from the above links.
  • Download the emulator app and install it.
  • After you install the blue stacks you need to set it up the same as you set up the app store on your smartphones.
  • You need your email just like you need it when you open a play store on your smartphone, enter email, and wait for a few seconds.
  • after the email has done go to the main page of the emulator app.
  • In the search bar type VPN Magic and you will see app will show just like you see in play store.
  • Click on the app and download will start.
  • After download, the app will be auto-installed the same as a smartphone.
  • After install, finish go to the home page of the emulator.
  • You will VPN Magic icon click it.
  • That’s all app is ready to use on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Google track if you use VPN?

A: When you use VPN you will be anonymous user and whoever is tracking you will see IP address given by the VPN app. The IP Address given by your ISP is will remain hidden.

Q: Can you still be tracked using a VPN?

A: Yes you can be tracked while you use VPN there are several other ways or maybe VPN service leaks your original IP address VPN encrypts data from your device to the next VPN server but there are still ways to track you.

Q: Does using a VPN use data?

A: Data flows from isp to VPN service it’s encrypted but still data is used when you connect to a VPN application.

Q: Should we always use VPN?

A:  Nowadays most companies offer VPN services because you use public wifi in some places. VPN will help you secure your device all the time. Even on mobile data VPN offer some strong security.

Q: Can ISP see my VPN?

A: Your internet service provider can’t see what sites you are opening or what kind of applications you use. All the data which traveling from the server is encrypted.

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