How To Download And Use Rosetta Stone for PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

Nowadays learning different languages is an advantage for you if you do business or you love to travel or you search for a good job overseas. There are 2 ways you can learn languages you want on is to join an institute which provides language learning services and the other is staying home sit back and learn a language easily through your PC. If we talk about learning a language online through some app we have a very easy to use and excellent feature app which will teach you any language you want of modern age. This is very simple and easy to use the app and if you say you want to learn a language we recommend you Rosetta Stone app. This app provides all the easy ways through which you can learn a language.


This app allows almost all languages of the modern age, you just need to select language and lessons and tutorials will be on. You can download lessons and you can use those lessons offline. Selecting language is pretty easy you just need to swipe between languages on the main menu. Each language has different ways to learn and you will get all help on learning language and above all this app will also help you improve your pronunciation.  This app has instantaneous feedbacks which helps you perfect your pronunciation. All the available 24 languages in this app are perfectly assembled for you to learn them, this app is an awards winner app so get ready to learn some languages. This app also allows device syncs so you no need to worry about changing devices or use this app on multiple devices. You just need to have an internet connection to sync all your progress or download all lessons and use the app offline. This app allows 24 different languages including Chinese (Mandarin), English (both American and British), Filipino (Tagalog), Dutch, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish (Latin American and Spanish), Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Irish.

This app also has paid lessons which you can pay and have it in in-app purchases.  This app is both for new learners and enterprise users so get in and start learning new languages. all the tutorials and learning guides are easy to understand and you can practice all day without any ease.

Rosetta Stone for pc

How to Download and use Rosetta Stone on PC :

You can also use this app on your PC through the guide we provide below, rite now this app has only a smartphone version but we will help you set up this app on your PC. To set up this app on your PC you need emulator apps. Emulator apps are specially designed to provide an interface between smartphone apps and users so they can use those smartphone apps on their PC. Emulators apps provide easy to use interface to the user almost the same as smartphones so no need to worry about how to use emulator apps just a few clicks and you are ready to use your desired app on your PC.

Emulator App for Windows

Emulator App for Mac 

Procedure to use Emulator App:

  1. First of you need an emulator app. Download one from the above links.
  2. Download and install the emulator app according to your operating system.
  3. After installing open emulator app and register with your email the same as you do in the smartphone.
  4. After registration, complete app store will open and you need to search for the Rosetta Stone app.
  5. Now download and install the Rosetta Stone app on your PC.
  6. After installation done go to the home page of the emulator and you will see the Rosetta Stone app icon.
  7. Click on the Rosetta Stone app icon and the app will start enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Rosetta Stone App:

Q: Is this app actually work?

A: Yes this app will help you learn a language and this app is a mandatory app if you travel a lot.

Q: Can I become fluent with the Rosetta Stone app?

A: After using this app you will learn basics that help you with the daily use of language. to become fluent you need to practice for a long time.

Q: Can we pay Rosetta Stone monthly?

A:  yes there easy [payment plans you can select your desired plans and pay.

Q: How long it will take to learn Spanish through the Rosetta Stone app?

A: Learning language is a slow ongoing process you need to practice until you get fluent. through this app, 120 to 150 hours practice will help you speak Spanish basics.

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