How To Download And Use APK Editor App for PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

APK is basically a file used on android devices to install apps and games. Basically, when you go to play store and install any app or game the file downloader downloads the apk and install it on your PC. Sometimes you want to play or use an app that was available on the play store but right now it’s not available. You can search for that specific game file on the web with apk word and you will get the game or app and Android supports all apk files. Apk is basically a .exe file ready to install you can download apk from google play store if the app or game is available or you can search the web and find the desired apk file you need and install it on your PC or smartphone.

APK Editor Features:

With this app, you can edit your apk files according to your needs, you need to download apk file first and then you can edit all files on your device can edit through this app. This app will also help you extract the apk file of games and apps installed on your PC. You can edit apk on your device and designed a new one according to your needs. there are 2 types of editor in this apk editor app, one is full editor and the other is the simple editor. The Full editor will allow you to rebuild files you want to renew in any apk file you are editing. While on the other hand simple editor allows you to edit files like delete or remove files you don’t need or use a file half delete half etc. You can edit the icon of the apk file through this editor app, also you can edit images and titles of the apk files if you want. Now some apk files come with permissions that you need few requirements to open apk file or use it. Through this editor app, you can also edit permissions, and app will work according to your needs.

APK Editor App for PC


How to use APK Editor App on Your PC:

Now, this app is designed to use it on the smartphone but if you want to use this app on your PC you are in the right place. Today I will guide you on how you can use the apk editor app on your PC. In order to use the apk editor app on your PC, you need emulator apps, emulator apps will allow you to use all the apps and games that are only launched for smartphones. Emulator apps are specially designed to use smartphone apps on PC, emulator apps are easy to use and they are free of cost available on the web. Emulator apps are available both for windows and Mac. You can download and install your required version of the emulator app from the following links.

Emulator App For Windows

Emulator App For Mac.

Procedure :

  • Download and install your required version of the emulator app on your PC.
  • After installation complete open emulator app and wait for few seconds till it load.
  • Now register with your email it will take a while.
  • After all, complete open home page of the emulator and open search bar.
  • Now search for the APK Editor app.
  • The process of downloading and installing the apk editor app is the same as you do on your smartphone.
  • After installation complete open home page of the emulator app.
  • you will see the apk editor app icon click and the app is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is APK Editor?

A: APK Editor app as the name says it will let you edit apk files on your devices according to your needs.

Q: Are APK Files safe to use?

A: APk files are safe to use but all the safety depends on the source of the apk file. If the source is legitimate then the apk file is secured and safe to use.

Q: Are APK files illegal?

A:  It depends on the nature of the app if you can’t access any app or game on google play store the apk is the only source you have.

Q: Can Apk file harm your device?

A: Yes apk can harm your device so be careful when you use an apk file. always use a trusted source to download and use the apk file.

Q: Can the APK file have a virus?

A:  Yes Apk files comes with viruses too that’s why I told you always download and use apk file from trusted sources.

That’s all guys if you still need any help feel free to comment below and I will help you, you may also read my article

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