Download And Use Top 10 Health And Fitness Android Apps On PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

Nowadays everyone wants to keep good health and people use different ways to keep good health, some do exercise some go to the gym, some maintain their diet and some prefer to walk daily. Now to keep a record of your diet and other things you need assistance who keep records of all things. For your help, there are various kinds of android apps which can help you maintain good health, these apps are available in playstore and you can install them easily. Today we organized the top 10 best health apps for you, choose one of them, and start getting smart and maintain good health.

Runtastic Steps:

This app will help you set goals and give you full detail on your daily activity. It will count steps you walk the whole day, how many calories you burn in a day. You can set the goal daily with Pedometer, this app will help you burn calories which results in extra fat will be removed and you will become more active. This app also gives you full detail on the monthly performance and early performance you have done. Just install the app and you don’t need any extra hardware to use this app. Simple app and the best companion for you to stay healthy and active.

Runtastic Steps On Play Store

runtastic step for pc


Calories Counter-My Fitness Pal:

This app will help you lose weight, set up your diet plan, Give you a new diet plan according to your body structure, it will also help you tone up better. This app will help you track the food you want to eat, over 11 million food items are listed in this app. You can also use the barcode scanner to find out about food items over 4 million barcodes are saved in this app. Also when you put in food items it will receipt the nutrition you will get from that food item. This app will also guide you on how you can make a healthy meal for you, you can save your favorite meals, recipes. This app will auto calculate the calories in your food you gonna eat, all the fats, proteins, carbohydrates in the food are also calculated with this app. You can also set goals through this app for you to complete, these goals will help you lose weight, stay fit, and live a healthy life.

Calories Counter-My Fitness Pal on Play Store

calorie counter for pc


Sleep Cycle:

This app will help you keep a track of your sleep, it will give full detail on your sleep cycles when you are a deep sleep when you are light sleep, this app will wake you up when you are in light sleep. When you get rested and have a good sleep you can start your day fresh and active, this app will give you a gentle wake up call while you are in light sleep. It keeps records of your sleeping cycles so this app knows better when to wake you up. Sleep is the most important part of daily life if you didn’t get good sleep you will suffer bad health. This app will help you get a good sleep which results in a healthy life and you will remain active and fresh.

Sleep Cycle on Play Store

sleep cycle for pc



This app will coach you how you can run in different ways and keep good health whenever we talk about fitness walking is the most important part of fitness. A daily walk will help you burn calories lose weight lose extra fat on yourself and walk will keep you active all day. With this app you can set goals on distance or pace and this app will coach you how you can achieve your goal. This app will keep a record of all your exercises like jogging, walking, bike, etc through GPS. You can also invite friends and set customs goals for everyone. Through GPS you can track your performance as well as your friends. You can also set a plan and the app will guide you to keep yourself according to plan. When you complete goals you will get achievements and rewards which you can share with your friends to motivate them.

Runkeeper On Plat StoreĀ 

runkeeper for pc



This app will be your trainer it will guide you on how you can do exercise at home, no need to the gym this app has all the fitness exercises you need to stay fit. If you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or you want some strength exercises to become strong this app is the best trainer for you. This is the best app for the people who are new to fitness or they want to improve their existing exercises, people who don’t have time to go to the gym. This app works for all-weather you are a teacher, child, banker, student, etc. Start from beginner levels and move to advance levels and make yourself a healthy person.

Sworkit on Play Store

sworkit for pc


This app will guide you to make a perfect diet plan for you, or you will get help on the diet plan according to your needs like you want to lose weight this app will give you several diet plans according to your eating habits, you want to stay fit this app will give you healthy diet plans. It will also keep a record of all your diet plans, lose weight get in shape with this app. This app also has a calory counter, carb counter and it also keeps a record of the food you gonna eat. Food planner in this app will help you with delicious healthy recipes you will add in your diet plan, also, meal planner will guide you when to eat and what to eat.

Lifesum on Play Store

lifesum for pc



This is a meditation app that will teach you how you can lower your stress, anxiety, and laziness of body. Through this app, you will get daily short time exercises, these exercises will help you live stress-free, focus more, and remain active all-day. This app will help you stay calm, breathe perfectly, and with better sleep exercises you will get calm sleep all night. This app will become your trainer in controlling anger management, lower stress, focus better, sleep well, etc. Meditation is the process through which you can control your body, meditation is used by millions of people worldwide to control stress, anger, breathing problem, sleep problems, etc. With mindfulness, you will able to focus more on life and live a cool calm life.

Headspace On Play Store

headspace for pc


Home Workout:

This app is the best trainer app for you to build up muscle, no need to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer. This app does all just follow the workouts given in the app and with few minutes workouts daily will develop your muscles. All the muscles are covered in this app like this app will help you make abs, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, thighs, wings, etc. You don’t need to go to the gym or buy any equipment to do all the exercises in this app, all the exercises will use your body weight and you will build up muscles. This app will also train you on warm-up exercises and stretching exercises so you will be good before doing any workout exercises.

Home Workout On Play Store

home workout for pc



This a calendar app in which you can save all your workout routines, you can keep an eye on your performance throughout. Add new exercise on a specific date or add exercise routine like how many reps, the weight you wana lift, or distance you wana cover, etc. You can also set alarms or timers with sounds and vibrations, you can add exercises according to your muscle type in the same muscle category pre-added in the app like biceps exercises will be added on the bicep category, etc. You can also set your custom category which suits your training style like you want mix exercises or ress and cardio mix so create your custom category.

FitNotes On Play store

fitnotes for pc


Stronglifts 5×5:

This app will be your trainer for weight lifting, exercise timers, workout planner, etc. Through this app, you can build up muscles and you can keep track of all the exercises you are doing. This app also keeps a record of the weight you are lifting, this app is best for beginners who want to build up muscles by weight lifting, and this app is perfect for bodybuilders who want to start powerlifting. You will get 3 exercises per week and each exercise is up to 45 minutes, get in, and build some muscles. This app will guide you on how much weight is perfect to lift and how long you have to wait between sets etc.

Stronglifts 5×5 On Play Store

stronglifts 5x5 for pc

That’s all guys hope these apps will help you and you will get a better life. If you need any help regarding these apps feel to comment below. You may also read How To Download And Install Google Meet On PC



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