Download And Use TikTok Lite On PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

In the modern age, everyone prefers to use a social media app through which they can stay connected to the outer world. In COVID 19 situation on going the only way to get entertained and stay connected to the world is social media apps. Today we bring an awesome app through which you can make short videos and share it with the whole world. You can also watch various kinds of videos people share. This app is used by millions of people from all over the world and this is the lastest trading video app right now. You have several kinds of tools and features to edit your video before sharing it with the world. Create a short video funny, artistic, creative, prank, etc and share it with the world. This is the lite version of the app which means you can use this app on mid-range or low range specification smartphones. Lite version comes with something less than the main version as the lite app is designed to use less RAM and internet to run.

You will not able to use some of the video recording features in the lite app version. The main version takes 75Mb of space while lite version takes 30Mb of space. Liter version runs smoothly on low internet speed and low RAM devices but some of the heavy features editing tools cant be used in the lite version. When you record video through TikTok you can add music in videos, emojis, photos, etc. The videos you share through TikTok is viewed by millions of users worldwide. This app also keeps an eye on your favorite categories and you will see featured videos according to your favorite category if you like funny videos this app will set all funny videos in the feature list so you will enjoy more.

tiktok lite for pc

How To Download TikTok Lite On Your PC:

Using a smartphone app or game on pc is more fun and entertaining as you have a big screen and keyboard mouse to control. Not all the smartphone apps or games have pc versions so in order to use smartphone apps or games on your pc you need emulator apps. Emulator apps provide an interface between use and the smartphone and user can use the smartphone app on pc. Emulator apps are free and available pon the web. Download any one of them and start using smartphone apps on pc. We recommend you to use Bluestacks emulator app, the overall interface is pretty easy to use and controls are very easy you need a few clicks.

Bluestacks for Windows 

Bluestacks for Mac

How To Install TikTok Lite On PC:

The procedure of installing Tiktok lite on your pc is simple, you just need to follow some easy steps and TikTok lite will be installed don your pc.

  • Download and install the emulator app on your pc.
  • Now open the home page and register with your email.
  • After registration complete open home page again.
  • Now in the search bar at top type TikTok lite and search for it.
  • You will see the TikTok lite icon in the app store.
  • Click on the icon and the app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation completes open home page again.
  • You will see the TikTok lite icon on the home page of the emulator click it and the app is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is tiktok lite?

A: Tiktok lite is the lighter version of TikTok app which means cut off the main features from the main app to make it run smoothly on lower RAM devices

Q: What is the difference between Tiktok lite and Tiktok?

A: The main features of Tiktok which consume RAm are cut off in the lite version to make less space app.

Q: Can we record videos in Tiktok lite app?

A:  No you can only watch videos in the TikTok lite app recording feature is absent.

Q: Which is better Tiktok or Tiktok lite?

A:  If you have mid-range device then I prefer Tiktok lite and if you have a high-end device then I prefer Tiktok.

Q: Is Tiktok lite app oifficial?

A: Yes both versions of the app are official.

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