Top 3 Alternatives Meeting And Conference Apps for Zoom App On Your PC

Nowadays everyone prefers to work from home, most of the companies sent their employees home and now they work online. To work online from home is safer than work in the office, COVID 19 infects millions of people, and people are dying so the best way to work is to work online from home. Now business meetings or big conferences are done online through meetings and conference apps. Most people use the zoom app for meetings and conference, also teachers use this app as their classrooms to teach their students. Zoom app becomes a troll and hackers will disturb you too when you use this app which results in leaking the data you need to be secure. So we bring few alternative apps for you instead of zoom use these app sand your data will remain secure and no one will bother you.

Alternatives Of Zoom App:

The apps we selected for you are safe to use and you will get the full security of data, because of incidents happen on zoom app users are now very curious about which ap is safe to use. Big companies banned zoom conferences so we will help you to find a good alternative of the zoom app.

Google HangOut Meet:

This is the most used meeting app rite now you can add up to 250 people in your conference and this app will give you had video streaming and with high-quality sound. To keep tight security you need a conference code to join a conference or meeting and the data used in this app is encrypted so data will be secured. You can use this app on wide range devices including android and apple devices. Before joining a meeting or conference this app will show you the preview of your settings so you can set your camera and mike before join a meeting. You can share your screen with other users and share your data, you can send live messages, share files, links, etc with all the participants. If you are hosting a conference or meeting you can mute or dismiss any participant you want. To use this app you need an active internet connection, the quality of sound and live streaming will depend on your internet speed so use a good strong internet connection.

google hangout meet for pc

Google Hangout Meet


This is a cross-platform application which means participants can use any device to join a meeting, you can use the free version and add up to 15 participants in one conference or meeting. In this app, you can also share your screen and an additional feature is also there to record a meeting if you need it. The video you record will have a time and date stamp so you can use them in future references easily. This is the best app for non-commercial use, you can add up to 300 participants with just 19$/month subscription. This app is the perfect and all in one solution for your working online needs use the free version and you can do small meetings hassle-free. When you share your screen you can also share files, data, etc. This is the best app to access people in remote areas as its cross-platform feature allows any user to join easily. You will get the full security of your data as all the videos and meetings are encrypted.

teamviewer for pc


Uber Conference:

this is a perfect app to do conference or meeting with HD quality video and voice, you can add up to 100 people in one go. This app voice recognition feature will concentrate only on active voice which results in preventing lags while you are in conference or meeting. You can also schedule a meeting with your contacts, you will create a number pin and you can share than a pin with people you want to Jon your conference. You can also record a meeting or conference for future references, users can see social media profiles of the participants this will help know each other and for security features. All the conferences or meetings are encrypted so all the data will remain safe.

uber conference for pc

Uber Conference

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  All these apps are free?

A: These apps have basic versions which are free for commercial use you need to subscribe to packages available.

Q: Are these applications are safe?

A:  yes all these applications are safe as you need a code or link to join a conference so unauthorized persons can’t join.

Q: Data will remain secure in these apps?

A: Yes all the videos and data will be encrypted so all your data will remain safe and secure.

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