Download And Use Microsoft Teams On PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

Nowadays when everything is shutting down and you are forced to work from home online, the need for online meetings and conference apps is increased. Almost all bid developing companies introduced the latest meetings and conference apps and good news Microsoft also has a similar app for you guys where you can work together. This new software from Microsoft enables you to share files from one end to another, HD voice chats and video chats you can connect from anywhere. You can chat privately with a single person or you chat in groups, you also have dedicated channels through which you can communicate with the whole team. You can mention your whole team or individuals to get their attention or let everyone gets focused on them.

Microsoft is an old developing company they give windows software which is used almost in every corner of the world, they give us office software which makes our official life very easy we can make sheets, use the word to type application, excel to maintain log history, etc. Now they come up with the software which is really needed in the current situation meetings and conference software. This software is limited to 30 channels when doing private conversations and 200 when going public. This app requires a paid subscription to office 365, and you will also able to use Microsoft 365 features too. Share files, data, record videos, and chats for future references, you easily search saved chats and videos. each channel has its own separate storage capacity so it’s easy to search by channel name and take out content you need.

Microsoft Teams For PC

How To Download Microsoft Teams On PC:

You can use Microsoft teams both on PC and smartphone for pc you need to go Microsoft Store and search for Microsoft Teams from the search bar. you will get an option to add this software on your PC.  The other way of having Microsoft Teams on your PC is to download it from Microsoft official website or just open this link Microsoft Teams it will direct to the page from where you can download Microsoft Teams.

How To Install Microsoft Teams On PC:

  • After you have downloaded software on your PC.
  • Follow steps one by one to install it.
  • It will ask for some permissions and storage locations.
  • After all this done software will take a few minutes to install.
  • When the installation is done open software and it will ask you to login with Microsoft 365 credentials.
  • After login software is ready to use.

How To Use Microsoft Teams On PC:

The overall user interface is easy to use you will get used to controlling in no time. But you need to learn and know a few things before you start using it.

Microsoft Teams For PC


The first primary thing this app will do is to create a team, you need a team to chat and share files. You can create a team by adding one by one people you want or use your Microsoft 365 groups to create teams quickly.


channels in this software are the locations where you actually do meetings, chat, share files, etc. You can create multiple channels to chat with people, all the data of the channel is saved by channel name so easy for you to search data you need in the future.


tabs are basically the main controls of the software,  3 tabs for you which you need always when you use this software Post, Files, and Wiki. Post tab allows you to keep records of all the channels you use. Files tab allows you to store all your data and files on the device. Wiki tab is basically a text editor tool for you, you can edit chats, draft your text files, etc.


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