Top 5 Best Data Recovery Apps For PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

Sometimes you accidentally delete your data or formate disk and then you realize you lost some important files and data. Sometimes viruses hit and corrupt your disk and you cant access all your data. When you delete data or format disk, data is no deleted disk free space but it keeps data for some time and you can recover that data with recovery software. There are tons of data recovery data apps on the internet but finding the best one is heck. Today I bring the top 5 best data recovery software for your PC you can use them and recover your data. Nowadays we all use digital devices in our daily life, we use smartphones, computers, laptops, etc in our daily life and this makes our life easy. We save all our important data on our digital devices mostly laptops and computers, we store data in files all of our pictures, videos, office data, etc. But when the virus hit or we accidentally delete data we lost very important assets. Lucky when the virus hit or we delete data, data is not permanently removed from disk, disk keeps data for some time before permanent delete. So recovery applications and software are handy in this situation as they can recover lost data files. Following will be your best top 5 recovery software for your PC use them and recover whats lost and important to you.


Recuva is the most popular data recovering software because of its friendly user interface and a lot of exciting features, with Recuva you can recover not only from computers and laptops you can also recover from pen drives, USB, External Cards, etc. Recuva software is designed by famous CCleaner application company CCleaner is used to get rid of junk files and it’s about a decade CCleaner helping us out clearing off junk files from our devices, now you can recover your lost files through Recuva. Another good feature in this app is you can delete files permanently from your disk through this and they cant be recovered. This feature is handy deleting virus-infected files.

recuva for pc



  • There is a free version.
  • The paid version is affordable.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Delete Virus infected files permanently.


  • The free version is not as effective as the paid version.


Disk Drill:

This is an awesome file recovery manager application used by almost all professional and amateurs users, sophisticated algorithms are used in this application to recover data is the least amount of time, this app has the ability to recover files in their best conditions. You have 2 most used features quick scan and deep scan, a quick scan is used to recover files that are recently deleted but if you want to recover files which are deleted a long time ago then I suggest you do a deep scan. This app has an easy to use user-friendly interface and this ap is suitable for all ages use. Another awesome feature this app has is the vault feature you can set restrictions on your important data and files and they will remain safe.

disk drill for pc


  • User-friendly interface
  • Recover every kind of data file.
  • Data protection features.
  • Can be used on any kind of disk storage device


  • You can recover only 500 MB of data in the trial version.


Wondershare Recoverit:

This an extraordinary file recovery software application that supports over 1000 different file formats including NTFS, FAT, APFS, HFS, etc. This app will surprise you when you recover your lost data through this software. This software has a complete set of tools that offers 8 different modes of data recovery, You can recover your data through Delete File Recovery, Formatted Disk Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, External Device Recovery, System Crash Recovery, All-Around Recovery, and Virus Attack Recovery. With these options, you can recover all your lost data and with a comprehensive approach. When you start recovering data you will go through 3 steps and you can recover data easily, the last step will show you the previews of data you are about to recover so you will able to see what is to recover and what not. The overall user interface is friendly and easy to use, this software can be used on Windows and Mac both.

Wondershare Recoverit for pc


  • This is a comprehensive recovery tool.
  • This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Different options to recover data.
  • Almost all formats are supported.


  • The trial version only allows recovering 100 MB of data.



This is professional data recovery software used mostly by professionals companies and studios. This is a very efficient data recovery software with a user-friendly interface, simple steps you need to follow and recover your data. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and in addition, this software can also recover data from the devices connected through LAN. This Software has the ability to recover files that are lost by a virus infection, accidentally deleted, corrupted files, etc. This software is a complete software that provides data recovery, in addition, it allows features like creating Disk Image, Smart Monitoring technology, Multi-language GUI. The simple user interface allows any user to use this software even an inexperienced user follow steps and recover data.

R-Studio for pc


  • A free demo version is available. 
  • It supports cross-platform features. 
  • You can customize the file formats you want to recover. 


  • The paid version is a bit costly than the other software.
  • Multi options features are straight away on the home page which makes it a bit confusing.


Test Disk:

This is a high-end very effective data recovery software, this software has the ability to recover files that no other software can able to recover. This app is best for those users who want to recover data lost on ago or was lost because of virus infection, this software can scan the smallest of the file systems and recover back lost data. Test Disk works through fixing the partition table errors, repairing all the boot sectors on your device, in addition to some more features which help data recovery fast.  This is the best data recovery software that recovers data from the hardest places ever on your disk.

Test Disk for PC


  • It recovers all types of deleted files.
  • Its free software and give you full access to use the software.
  • It supports all kinds of operating systems.
  • It scans the deepest level of your disk and recovers back data.


  • File preview is not available.
  • The graphic user interface lacks in this software.


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