Download And Install FX Player On PC Mac and Windows (8-9-10) Free

If you like to watch movies and videos on your device then you might know that you need a good media player on your device which supports all formats and supports all modern features which you need in a media player. Not all media players support all video formats and sometimes you see most the media players lack so many features. Today I bring an awesome and complete media player which not only supports all formats but it also packed with almost all modern features. FX Player is the media player you need on your device, it will fulfill all your needs of media player you require in the modern era.

Features Of FX Player:

The following are some awesome features you may like to know about FX PLayer.

Video Formats:

This media player supports all formats available till now, most media players support specific formats but in this media player, you will enjoy all formats like 4K HD, 3GP, MKV, AVI, FLV, MP 4, etc. This is a must-have media player on your device because you don’t need to worry about video format just play it.

Audio Formats:

With all the video formats support this app also supports audio formats too, so you can now watch videos at their best quality both audio and video. This app supports all audio formats including WMA, WAV, MIDI, MP3, FLAC, AC3, etc.

Subtitles Supports:

Another very helpful feature of this app is it also supports subtitles. With subtitles, you can easily understand what actors are saying if you watching foreign movies.

fx player for pc

Cast Videos On TV:

This app also supports Chromecast feature which allows you to cast your videos on a bigger screen like TV, this feature is supported by only a few apps so with this feature supported this app becomes the perfect app for you.

Playback Features:

You will enjoy all the playback features like fast Forward, Pause, Play, Rewind, etc. You can also set the speed of playing videos from 1x to 3x slower or faster according to your desire.

Manage Your Videos:

You can easily manage your videos like rename, move from one folder to another, delete, etc.

Playback Functions:

All the playback functions like Auto, Shuffle, Repeat, Mirror, Background, Flip, Resume, etc are there for you and all these supportive features make this app more reliable.

Easy Searching:

You can easily scan your hard disk or SD card or smartphone memory to search for a specific video.

User Interface:

The overall gestures are pretty easy to use as you have click on the screen to use them, adjust brightness, volume up and down, etc all can be done with swiping on the screen.

Private Folders:

You can save your selected videos in a private folder with full security, this makes it easy to manage important videos and average videos.

How To Download FX Player On PC:

Since this amazing app is available only for smartphone users you cant use this amazing and outstanding media player on your pc. However, with the guide below you can easily install and use FX PLayer on your pc. In order to use FX Player on your pc, you need an emulator app on your pc, emulator app will provide an interface through which you can use all smartphone apps on your pc.

Emulator App

How To Install FX Player On PC:

  • Download and install the emulator app on your pc.
  • After installation is complete open the home page.
  • Now follow steps and register with your email.
  • After registration is complete open the home page again.
  • Now go to the search bar at the top and type FX PLayer.
  • Search for the app and you will see FX Player in the app store.
  • Click it and the app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete open the home page again.
  • You will see the FX PLayer app there ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is FX Player is a legit app?

A: Yes FX Player is a legit app to use no need worry just download and enjoy.

Q: Is there any PC version of the FX player available?

A: No there is no PC version is launched however you can use this app on pc buy having an emulator app on your pc.

Q: What kind of audio-video formats supported in this app?

A: This has the ability to support all formats available till now both audio and video. You can enjoy watching videos in the best quality available with the best sound quality available.

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