Download And Install Savage VPN On Windows 8,9,10 and Mac

VPN apps are very useful apps as you need them when you surf the web when you use shared internet or public WiFi connections you are not saved all the information data can be hacked or trolled easily. So if you are a frequent user of the web you need a VPN app because you need to stay online all the time and you have to use public WiFi or shared internet connections. Also when you surf the web a lot you will experience that some content and websites are blocked in your country, to access those blocked content you also need a VPN app on your device. VPN is the must-have app on your device it gives security plus access to blocked content on the web.

When you use a VPN app it will change your original IP address and gives you a fake IP address this way you become an anonymous user on the web and the traffic from your device to server is encrypted this way no one can track your web history and you can surf the web freely and with no restrictions. Also if you use the internet in school, office, or at home with restrictions set VPN will bypass all those firewall restrictions too and you can use the internet freely. There are a lot of VPN apps available on the web but choosing the right one for you is always a problem. I posted a few VPN apps before this VPN and they are the best til know and today’s app is another best VPN you will experience on your device, Savage VPN app is the best VPN app you will experience. This app is also free and there is no bandwidth limit in this app its unlimited free for you. One-click connect and disconnect and you don’t need to register.

Savage VPN for pc

Savage VPN On PC:

You can easily download Savage VPN on your smartphone from the app store on your device but you cant use this app on your pc. Ther is no pc version available for this app, but good news you can use this app on your pc. To use this app on your pc, you need an emulator on your device. Emulator app provides an interface through which you can easily use all smartphone apps on your pc, emulator apps are available easily and free on the web.

Emulator App

Savage VPN On Play Store 


  •  Install the emulator app on your pc.
  • Open the home page
  • Follow instructions and register with your email.
  • After registration is done open the home page again.
  • At the top corner in the search bar type Savage VPN and search for the app.
  • You will Savage VPN in the play store click it.
  • The app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete open the home page gain.
  • You will Savage VPN app is there ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Savage VPN is safe to use?

A: The first question everyone asks is the VPN app they about to use is safe or not. If the developer is legit app is legit don’t use any app which you are not sure who is the developer. Savage VPN is a safe app to use.

Q: Savage VPN app will bypass all restrictions?

A: Yes Savage VPN will bypass all restrictions set on the web and your internet connection like firewall settings restrictions or geographic restrictions on countries.

Q: How do I get Savage VPN on pc?

A: You need an emulator app on your pc to use the Savage VPN app on your pc.


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