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Technology is evolving day by day and there is distance left between people you can talk and see any person through a video call from anywhere in the world. And with the current COVID 19 situation, you need to stay at home and work from home most of the companies already apply this rule to work from home online. There are so many apps which offer online meeting and conference through video call and audio call features but they are all not free you need to pay in order to enjoy full features. But there are few apps that are free you don’t need to pay a single penny everything is a free video call, audio call.

Today’s app is a very useful app during COVID 19 pandemic situation as you are forced to stay at home and you need to work online from home, all the meetings and conferences will be done through online video calls. ToTok is the perfect app for you nowadays as this is a free app and it offers awesome video call features.

Overview of the ToTok App Features:

Now, this app is a free app so it gains so much popularity among all the users who like to use video calling apps, 7.9 million downloads till now for this app because of its awesome features and free of cost options. The following features will amuse you because you will not see these features in any other video calling app.

ToTok For PC

Free Calls and Chats:

In this app you will enjoy unlimited free calls there is no limit and all this is free of cost for you, all you need is an active internet connection to make video calls or video chats.

HD Quality:

Witha good internet speed you can enjoy HD quality videos with friends and family or co-workers, also the quality of sound is HD too. All you need is a stable and fast speed internet connection.

Retouch Filter:

This app has an awesome feature that every like so much is that you can smooth your skin before starting a video call through retouch built-in filter. So no more gross face on video calls when you can look cool and perfect.


Security in this app is up-do-date and this app uses different kinds of encryptions to make sure your data is protected and there is no leakage or hacking occur.

Delete Sent Messages:

You have typed something wrong and you wana delete it don’t worry this app has a feature through which you can delete sent messages.

ToTok App On PC:

Since this app is designed to use on the smartphone you cant use this app on your pc, if you want to use this app on your pc you need to follow a simple guide below and you need an emulator app on your pc. Emulator apps are available free of cost on the web download any of them and start using smartphone apps on your pc.

Emulator App

ToTok App 

Guide For ToTok App For PC:

  • Install the emulator app on your pc.
  • Now open the home page and follow instructions.
  • Register with your email.
  • After the registration is complete open the home page again.
  • At the top corner go to the search bar and type in ToTok.
  • Search for the app and you will ToTok app icon in the respected app stores.
  • Click the icon tab and the will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete open the home page again.
  • You will see the k app is there ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is ToTok app is free?

A: Yes ToTok app is totally free there is nothing that says pay for it.

Q: How do I get ToTok App on pc?

A: You need an emulator app on your pc in order to use ToTok app on your pc.

Q: How do I contact ToTok?

A: When you install this app you will be asked to enter phone number and nickname after that app will ask permission to add your contact ToTok list.


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