Install And Play ZEPETO On Mac And Windows 8,9,10

Getting bored at home because of COVID 19, get entertained with an awesome game I found today for you guys. Want to play GOD because the game I found for you guys you will control everything about your avatar. You can personalize your avatar with millions of items available, from clothing to branded items express yourself in any way you want. This an awesome game in which you will enjoy daily life incidents consider yourself you are an avatar how you will control life if you have the power to make all decisions.

Features of ZEPETO:

The following are some features of ZEPETO you may find exciting before you start playing this game.

Customize Your Avatar:

You can select your avatar and you can customize your avatar with brand new clothes, makeup, jewelry, accessories, cars, bikes, anything you want. Just imagine and customize your avatar.

ZEPETO for pc

Unlimited Maps:

You can enjoy tons of places like beaches, hotels, classrooms, luxury apartments, countryside houses, etc. There are unlimited maps for you to enjoy, party anywhere you want and anytime you want in this game.

Make New Friends:

You can invite friends or you can make new friends in this game, become a social figure and party all day with friends.

Stay In Touch With Friends:

Send messages to your friends, share your stories, make news to become a public figure, you can also join crews in this game become a part of an exciting and entertaining group of people.

Create Your Imagination:

If there is something you need and its not available in the game you can create those things and customize your avatar, this game becomes more exciting when you create more things and become something special in the game.

Become An Avatar:

If you don’t like the avatar available in this game you can upload your pic and game will create an avatar of you, isn’t it exciting watching your cartoon version and you can personalize anything you want.

Install ZEPETO On Your PC:

Now there is a problem this a smartphone-based game you cant play this game directly on your pc only Android or iOS users can play this game on their devices. But no need to worry I have a solution for this problem you can play smartphone-based games and apps on your PC. You just need an app on your PC which is called the emulator app. Emulator app will provide the interface through which you will able to play all smartphone-based games son your PC.

Emulator App

ZEPETO On Play Store

ZEPETO On App Store


  • Install the emulator app on your PC.
  • After installation is complete go to the home page.
  • Now follow instructions and register with your email.
  • After registration is complete open the home page again.
  • Now got to search bar at the top corner and type ZEPETO.
  • Search for the ZEPETO game.
  • You will see the ZEPETO game icon in the app store click it.
  • The app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete go to the home page again.
  • You will see the ZEPETO game there ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is ZEPETO a safe game to play?

A: Yes its completely safe to play this game that’s why it’s available on play store and apple store.

Q: Is the ZEPETO game is free?

A: Yes the ZEPETO is a free game to play but there are in-game purchases if you want to buy.

Q: How do I play the ZEPETO game on my PC?

A: You need an emulator app on your pc in order to play the ZEPETO game on your pc.


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