Top 4 DJ Apps For PC (Windows and Mac) Free

Nowadays with the COVID19 pandemic situation, you need to stay at home and staying at home for long become so boring and you need something different in your life to make it interesting. How about becoming a DJ of your own party at home, today we bring some awesome DJ apps through which you can be a perfect DJ at your home party. These apps also help you become a professional DJ as these apps are perfect and complete apps with all the tools you need to be a DJ. What is DJ, DJ means Disco Joker you will remix old songs or mix number of songs to create an awesome song, mashup your favorite songs, create your own music, ad music to a song, rewind or forward according to your desire, etc. Today I bring top 5 DJ apps for you to download any one of them and become a DJ.


This is the best app for remixing songs instantly, you will enjoy features like a step sequencer, play loop, finger drum, powerful FX, Prosound designs, etc. Create your own music instantly with powerful FXs features you can also reshape your music with the same feature. Compose your own music with step sequencer ass loops in your music or add finger drum pads created tracks in your music. You can also select tracks from the device library and edit it with several options available. You can select different equipment for each track you are composing gives you unlimited possibilities to make awesome music and tracks.

remixlive for pc

Key Features:

  • Step Sequencer
  • Play Loops.
  • Finger drum pads in real-time.
  • 6 live controllable FX with 6 beat repeat pads.
  • Advanced sample editing.
  • Pad recording capture sound through device mic.



This app will teach you how you can be a good DJ, learn through this app, and make awesome melodies and music. This is easy to use the app and you will learn to create your own songs just select the genre and tap on pads to make a beat or create music. Step by step learn everything and become a perfect DJ, this app is also used by professional DJ, beatmakers, composers, music producers, etc.

Groovepads for pc

Key Features:

  • The popular genre like Hip Hop, EDN, House, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Trap, Electronics, just use your desire genre and then use groove pads to create your own music and tracks.
  • Use live loops to create music that can fill different sounds together with perfection.
  • FX effects such as filter, flanger, reverb, delay, will bring life to a party.
  • Share your created music with your friends and show them your talent how good you are.

Groove Pads

DJ Loop Pads:

This app is especially for new users, the user interface is very simple and easy to use as you have colored pads and you can press different color pads to create your own music. You can mix different kinds of songs like Hip Hop, dance beats, trance, drum & bass, Trap, Dubstep, etc. You can use the volume faders to increase or decrease the volume according to your needs. You can simply create your own music by tapping on colorful pads and add effects, you can also share your created music on social media and show your friends how good you are on mixing songs or creating new ones.

Dj Loop Pads For pc

Key Features:

  • You can mix dance songs.
  • Different genres are available like Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, Trance, Drum & Bass, etc.
  • Use volume faders to increase the volume of beats.
  • Apply effects by just pressing pads.
  • Run sample tapping the loop pads easy for you to make new music.
  • Different loops pads in one shot.
  • Easy interface for you to create and mix songs.

DJ Loop Pad

Mix Pads:

This is a complete DJ app with almost all features are available you need in a DJ app. You will enjoy 30 drum pads contain original sound loops including bass, drum, voice, and different audio effects. Use finger drumming and create melodies and tracks, when you make beats and tracks you can add 12 different pads in one shot, sound effects are the same you will see in studios like delay, reverb, flanger, high pass, low pass, bandpass, low shelf, high shelf, etc. You can record voices from device mic and add in your music tracks or you can upload your own music from your device memory and mix it or add effects.

Mix pads for pc

Key Features:

  • Create music and hip hop beats.
  • Make remixes.
  • Record voice and mix it with audio tracks.
  • Mix or Remix songs.
  • BPM and pitch controls.
  • Add voices recorded from the mic.
  • Adjust the volume of each sound column.

Mix PadsĀ 

How to Download DJ Apps on PC:

Since these apps, we discussed above all these apps need a smartphone to run you can’t use these apps on pc. If you want to use these apps on your pc you need an emulator app on your pc, emulator app will provide an interface through which you can use all smartphone-based apps on your pc.

Emulator App


  • Install the emulator app on your pc.
  • After the installation is complete open the home page.
  • Now follow the instructions and register with your email.
  • After registration is complete open the home page again.
  • Go to the search bar at the top and type the app name you want to install.
  • Search for the app and you will see the desired app in the app store.
  • Click on the app and the app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete open the home page again.
  • You will the desired app is there on the homepage ready to use.


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