BandLab For PC Free ( Windows 8,9,10 and Mac OS)

If you want to be a DJ and you want to publish your tracks through real creators and publishers then you must need this app. Today’s app is an all in one DJ app which allows you to create new songs and music and you can also mix or remix songs you want. Also, you can get in touch with the producers and music creators if they like your music they will publish your music and the whole world can listen. Launchpad in this game app is a multi-task performer you can create, record, edit, mix, remix, free sound packs will give features like add creative effects, make beats,  use loops and vocals, etc. You will enjoy pre-loaded samples like EDM, Dubstep, Garage, House, Rock, Rap, etc. The social media network of this app has contained top brands and music artists, so you can collaborate with them to learn and be a top music artist, join a music band near your area and start your own live music feeds with them.

Key Features:


Welcome to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with 16 track mix editor multitasker you can record live audio, or you can select any song or music and remix or mix it. You are a composer now so all you need to do is create something new and creative or select a track and make it more exciting.


Use this app as a voice recorder or you can apply different kinds of professional filters and effects in real-time. Use Reverb, Trap, Rock, Drum, Bass, etc effects on your music or sings.


Making a beat with this app never become so easier, just get in and use extensive loop packs and make rhythms and sounds beat much easier than any other app.

Pre-Loaded Sound Packs:

This app can be your favorite virtual drum pad or take this app as your music production controller. Use pre-loaded sound packs for all genres and create awesome music, you can share your music tracks on social media networks and show the world who you are.

MIDI Instruments:

How about making music with acoustic guitar, piano, bass guitar, keyboard, synthesizers, all the instruments will be in your pocket.

Bandlab for pc

Remix Tracks:

Mix or remix old and new tracks are much easier in this app just select the song you want to mix or remix an add effects, filters, sound packs all in just a few clicks.

BandLab On PC:

This app is designed to use on smartphone devices, no PC version of this app is available right now. But you can use this app on your pc with the help of a special app. The special app you need on your PC is the emulator app, emulator apps are used mostly by a gamers who love to play smartphone-based games on their pc. But you can use all the smartphone-based apps too on your pc if you want.

Emulator App


Install BandLab On PC:

  • Install the emulator app on your pc.
  • Open the home page and register with your email.
  • Now search for the app and install it from the respected app store.
  • After installation is complete open the home page again.
  • Your app is ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Bandlab App free?

A: Yes its a totally free app yo use you don’t need any card or registration to use this app.

Q: Is the BandLab app is perfect DAW?

A: DAW means Digital Audio Workshop and yes BandLab is the best DAW app you can have.

Q: How do I use the Bandlab app on my computer?

A: The PC version is a bit slow and may not work properly but if you use the emulator app on your pc then the smartphone version works fine on your PC.

Q: Is cakewalk any good from Bandlab?

A: Yes cakewalk by Bandlab is a powerful DAW and yes it is good to use cakewalk by Bnadlab.


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