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The country is infected by a zombie virus and now there are zombies everywhere you need to survive now with other survivors in the country. Build up a city that can take waves of zombies, build the arsenal you need to defend. Civilization is going to extinct and now it’s up to you to survive and fight against zombies and monsters, you can make friends in this game and fight against zombies. Build up an army of survivors and survive this zombie apocalypse. The battlefield is open and it only needs heroes, show your leading skills to the world, and survive all along, you need a strategy to fish zombies in this survival game. Resources are destroyed and you need to salvage whatever you can from infected cities, build up a city with whatever you got, and survive waves of zombies.

Key Features:

  • Rebuild:

You need to rebuild safe heaven for yourself and the survivors you got, take whatever you find to build a castle which is safe for you and survivors. Plan your strategy and work as you plan to bring friends to collect resources and build up what you need.

  • Rescue:

Rescue your friends who got injure in battles because you need your army to defeat zombies and keep surviving zombie waves.

  • Strategy:

You need to keep looking at zombies as they are spreading fast. plan your strategy before you invade zombie hordes and take minimal losses.

  • Make Friends:

Make friends and allies in this game and kill as many zombies as you can, join allies, and go to war with them. The more you are socialized the more you become stronger. Lead the armies of survivors and end this zombie apocalypse.

state of survival for pc

  • New World Order: 

Old rules to live life are ended you need to make new rules to live life because now you need to survive at any cost so new rules will be needed to live a life against infected zombies. Its war and you need to survive at any cost.

How to Download State Of Survival On PC:

This game is for android and iPhone users no pc version is launched for this game but I bet you want to play this game on your pc, playing a game on pc is much easier as you have a big screen and better controls to play the game. So what to do now there is no PC version available, no need to worry I have a solution to this problem all you need is an emulator app on your pc and you can play this game on your pc. Emulator app will provide the interface you need to play all smartphone games on your pc.

Emulator App

The State Of Survival on Play Store

The State Of Survival on App Store

Install State Of Survival On PC:

Now you know that you can play all smartphone game son your pc you are excited but you need to follow the guide below and you can install any smartphone game on your pc. I am using the State Of Survival below but you can install any smartphone-based game on pc by using the guide below.


  • Install the emulator app on your pc according to your operating system you are using (Windows or Mac)
  • After the emulator app installed open the homepage of the emulator app.
  • Now follow the instruction on the screen and register with your email. (Email required as you are about to access app stores Play Store or App store)
  • After registration is complete open the homepage again and go to the search bar and type State Of Survival.
  • Search for the game and you will see the State Of Survival game is the respected app store.
  • Click on the game icon and the game will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is complete go to the homepage again.
  • You will the State Of Survival game is there ready to play.

Frequently Asked Questions:

there will be few questions you want to ask about this game feel free to comment below and I will answer but some of the questions are below with answers.

Q: Can you play the State Of Survival on PC?

A: There is no PC version available for this game as stated above also but you can play this game on pc with the help of the emulator app on your PC.

Q: Is the State Of Survival any good?

A: This MMORPG game is full of fun and all the graphics and gameplay are fully detailed so you will enjoy playing this game.

Q: Is the State Of Survival game free?

A: Yes its free game to play you don’t need any registration or credit card to play this game.


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