Download SHAREit For PC Windows 8,9,10 And Mac

When you want to share files or media from one device to another usually people use Bluetooth but Bluetooth is a slow process because the speed of transfer is slow. How about having a faster transfer app through which you can transfer data at 20MBs speed max, yes there is an app through which you can share files, folders, videos, photos, GIFs, installed apps, etc at a very high-speed transfer rate. SHAREit is the app through which you can transfer data at high speed and SHARE it is a cross-platform app you can transfer through one operating system to another easily.

Key Features:

Fast Speed:

Transfer files at high speed up to 20MBs speed without losing any quality.

All Types:

You can transfer data, files, folders, pictures, videos, GIFs, Installed apps, etc.

SHAREit for pc

Media Player:

This app has its media player through which you can easily manage and watch your videos and songs.

All Format Support:

The media player is this app is very strong and it supports almost all formats so you don’t need any other media player on your device.

Offline Support:

You can watch or listen to music or videos while offline and also this app will give you all trending and latest music and videos on your fingertips.


Such an awesome app and I’m sure you wana use it on your pc but you cant use the SHAREit app on your PC. There is no PC version available or launched for this app so you can only use this app on your smartphones. But if still, you want to use this app on your pc then I will help you set up a few things and you can use SHAREit and all other smartphone apps on your pc. First, you need an emulator app on your PC and after installing the emulator app you need to follow the simple guide below.

Emulator APP

SHAREit App On Play Store

SHAREit App On Apple Store

How To Download SHAREit For PC:

  1. After installing the emulator app on your PC.
  2. Open the homepage and follow instructions, register with your email.
  3. After registration is complete open the homepage again.
  4. Now search for the SHAREit app from the search bar at the top.
  5. You will see the SHAREit app in respected app stores.
  6. Click it and the app will be installed in a few minutes.
  7. After installation is complete open the homepage again.
  8. You will see the SHAREit app on the homepage ready to use.


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