Power Clean App for PC Windows 8-9-10 Free

This is a powerful but lightweight phone booster and cleaner app, this app will help you clean up memory and junk files and it will also help you clean up cache memory and such programs so your device can run faster and smoother. This app also comes with an antivirus feature that will protect your device from harmful viruses and malware, spyware, etc. Power Clean app also scans your device deeply for virus files and detect them and delete them for your device. Power Clean app will keep a 24/7 shield on your device which will protect your device from virus attacks all the time.

Key Features:

Unwanted Apps:

This app will auto-delete apps you didn’t use for long this app not only delete apps but it will so delete those apps residual files so more space and all unwanted files will be deleted. And if there are any other residual files on your computer this app will auto-detected them and delete them.

Phone cleaner:

The phone cleaner feature in this app is very easy to use just one click and you will be able to clean cache memory, all junk files from memory, residual files that were unwanted, etc. All this will result in boosting your device performance and it will run smoother and faster.

Cache Cleaner:

This app will clean all your cache memory, AD cache and clean apps, junk files in the cache memory, etc.

Power Clean app for pc

APK Cleaner:

All the APK files that were not installed will be auto-detected and will be deleted from the device.

Junk Photo Cleaner:

1 click and you will be able to scan all duplicate photos on your device and with a click, you can delete them all.


This app has a built-in antivirus that will protect your device 24/7 from virus attacks and it also scans your device and detect all virus files and delete them.

How To Download Power Clean App For PC:

Since this amazing app is only available for smartphone users you cant use this app on your PC. But using this app on your PC will help you maintain your PC must easier than other apps. SO in order to use this app on your PC, you need a special app which is the emulator app. Emulator app will allow you to use all smartphone-based apps on your pc.

Emulator APP

Power Clean APP

How To Install Power Clean App For PC:

  • Download and install the emulator app on your pc.
  • After installation is done open the homepage.
  • Now follow instructions and register with your email.
  • After registration is complete open the homepage again.
  • Now search for the Power Clean app from the search bar at the top.
  • You will see the Power Clean app in the play store click it.
  • After installation is complete open the homepage again.
  • You will see the Power Clean app on the homepage ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Power Clean app is safe to use?

A: Yes the power clean app is totally safe to use the app.

Q: Is the power clean app free?

A: Yes the power clean app is totally free app.

Q: Is power clean app available for windows10?

A: No there is no Windows version available for power clean ap but you can use power clean app on your pc through emulator app.


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