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Welcome to YUBO APP. Yubo is an online social handle to make new friends, chat with friends, text people just to connect with people you want to spend time with. You can find multiple types of community in this app. You can find friends according to your choice from all over the world. You can share your live streams with your friends. You can play a Q&A game through this app. Whenever you feel free or get bored, you can amuse yourself with this app. Yubo is totally free online app. Yubo will bring new live games, different tools, and more updates according to your desire every month.
Key Features:

  1. CHATING: After downloading this app you can make new friends from all around the globe and long-time chats with your friends or loved ones.
  2. STREAM: You can go live at any time and start a live video chat with your buddies. For video chat, you can go live with more than 10 friends. You can sing a song, shake your body in some rhyme, share your routine, to pass your time you can also play a party game.
  3. MULTIPLE COMMUNITIES: Are you interested in theater, beauty, fitness like yoga, dancing, travel? There are multiple friends for you from all over the world!
  4. SHARE: You can earn rewards for inviting your buddies to join Yubo on different social media handles. With the new community of people, you can share your interests and Livestream.
  5. TALK, VOTE & PLAY: You can play a Q&A game for many hours without getting bored. You can post questions about yourself in a game for your friends then your friends will vote on your answers.

Yubo for pc

How To Download Yubo App free for PC Windows & MAC:

Yubo is designed for smartphone users nut you can use this app on your PC with the help of an emulator app on your PC. Download the emulator app and make your PC a smartp[hone for you and enjoy all smartphone-based games and apps on your PC.

Emulator App

Yubo for Android

How To Install Yubo App free for PC Windows & MAC:

Download and install the emulator app from the above link and follow the simple step by step guide below.

  • Open the emulator app and register with your email by following on-screen instructions.
  • After registration is completed open the home page again.
  • Now search for the Yubo app from the search bar.
  • you will see the Yubo app in the respected app stores click install.
  • The app will be installed in a few minutes.
  • After installation is completed open the homepage again.
  • You will see the Yubo app on the homepage ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the Yubo App the dating App?

A: No Yubo is not a dating app this app helps you find new friends same like you make friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Q: Is the Yubo App safe?

A: Yes Yubo app is a safe app with all the security features its a safe app but the live streaming feature can be used in the wrong way.

Q: Is the Yubo App Legal?

A: Yes Yubo app is a legal app for any use under 17 years who tries to make a profile needs to conform to his or her parents allow him to make a profile.


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